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  • Astrologer's Supervision Session
  • U$ 75.00 per hour
  • 60 minutes one on one.

    Includes MP3 recording of the session

  • via Audio/Video Conference (Skype®, FaceTime® or other) anywhere in the world
  • Includes chart calculations for subject clients Client Chart Data is a responsibility of the Supervisee

  • The frequency of sessions is determined by the volume of customers the Astrologer has.

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    Professional Supervision with Beto Boton

    Supervision is the process where an Astrologer brings issues, doubts, or even unresolved matters that arise out of an Astrological consultation with clients to a Supervisor (Beto Boton). Supervision focuses on issues that arise for the Astrologer during his practice.

    The purpose of Professional Supervision is to establish a safe and transparent relationship in which personal and professional development is encouraged and fomented with the objective of bettering the interaction between Astrologer and clients.

    This process is built on top of a mutually respectful relationship, where professional and personal development is enhanced by technical and professional competency, enrichment of the relation professional/client and many other methods that will add value to Astrological work.

    One on one sessions include the following guidelines:

    Understanding of the Astrological profession
    Knowledge and skills of effective supervision practice:
    goal setting
    learning processes
    Ability to manage the supervisory relationship
    Ability to assess the Astrological competencies of the supervisee
    Evaluation of the supervisory process
    Respond effectively to supervisee feedback

    Beto Boton is available as a supervisor to contribute to the quality of your work
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