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About Beto Boton (Carlos Alberto (Beto) Boton)

Professional Astrologer, Counsellor & Life-Coach

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Carlos Alberto Boton (Beto Boton) is a Professional Astrologer, Counsellor & Life Coach, specialised in Astrological Forecasts, with extensive professional experience since 1979. Born in Brazil, Beto has lived in Australia (Sunshine Coast) since 1990. He graduated as a Counsellor and Life Coach in 2005 and has worked in these areas alongside Astrology.

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In São Paulo, Brazil, Beto was the founder of Astrocenter, where he had thousands of clients and many graduating students who became professional Astrologers. He was one of the pioneers in the use of computers in Astrology. Currently Beto runs an Online Astrology School, alongside his work as an Astrologer, working closely with clients, doing astrology reports, predictions, life-coaching and counselling.

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Beto has had a full-time astrology practice since 1979 and is the author of "Tábuas de Casas para o Hemistério Sul" - Table of Houses for the Southern Hemisphere - first published in 1985. The tables were calculated through the theories developed in the seventeenth century by the monk, eminent Professor of Mathematics at the University of Padua and great Astrologer, Placidus de Tito. In order to facilitate interpolations, the Houses are built for each degree of south latitude, thus being a didactic material, indispensable for the elaboration of astrological Charts for the Southern Hemisphere.

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Beto contributed with his experience working for community service agencies and government departments (social, justice and criminal). In Australia, Beto also has a successful track record in counselling couples, families, and Indigenous people, as well as on the treatment of addictions: alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

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As part of his work, Beto incorporates and teaches the practice of Mindfulness. Mindfulness has been used to refer to the moment-to-moment awareness of one's experience without judgment. It is used for stress reduction, boosting focus, achieving less emotional reactivity and increasing general well-being.

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Beto studied Astrology with Professor Zeferino Costa (photo), Doctor Juan Alfredo César Müller and Doctor Raul Varella Martinez.

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As an active member in several international Astrological associations, Beto Boton participated giving workshops and presentations. He also presented at many International Astrological Conferences.

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