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The Astrological Birth Chart is a blueprint of your personality and also shows the external influences present and how they exert an affect upon your life.
Through the Birth Chart we can explore your relationships, your health, your finances or your career.
In fact, having your Chart done will give you details of all areas of your life!

You will have a deeper understanding of:

  • Your basic nature, behaviour and attitudes
  • The importance and type of support you have from your family
  • The role children have in your life, your potential to have them and for giving love
  • Areas of work and business best suited to your nature
  • How you plan your life goals, your career and how you seek success in life
  • Your communication process and how it affects your personal and business relationships (partnerships)
  • Your relationship potential
By gaining insight into the person you are meant to be, you will also be able to reflect on:

  • Creative ability and future projects
  • Finance: how they develop and potential to acquire and manage their assets
  • Your life philosophy
  • How you face changes in life
  • Your unconscious baggage, hidden issues and your spiritual pursuit.
You will be able to acquire self-awareness of your current life path, along with guidance toward creating a more fulfilling future.
  • Birth Chart Reading (LIVE or recorded)
  • U$ 200.00
  • Aproximately 90 minutes one on one.

    Includes MP3 recording of the session

  • Includes Overview of the present moment and near future
  • in Person or via Audio/Video Conference (Skype) anywhere in the world

  • Returning Clients within a maximum of 12 months from the previous reading, have a special 10% Discount.

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  • Birth Chart and Predictions Birth Data

    The following data is required for any Astrological work:
    Day Month Year of birth (Formatted as DD MM YYYY)
    Time of birth (00:00 to 23:59 Preferably Formatted as 24 hours)
    For the time of birth specify the following:
    AM (MIDNIGHT 00:00 TO 11:59 AM) OR IF Exactly MIDNIGHT write "MIDNIGHT" (00 hs the beginning of the day / date)
    PM (Starting at NOON 12:00 to 23:59)IF Exactly NOON write "NOON"
    The location where you were born: Location is the city/town/village, the state/province/county, and country.

    *Without this data it is not possible to do a proper Astrological work.

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