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For the 12 months after your Astrological Forecast, you may require some further reading.

  • Extra Consultation for returning clients

    LIVE (or recorded only)
  • U$ 200.00
  • Aproximately 90 minutes one on one.

    Includes MP3 recording of the session

  • Includes revision of previous analysis and/or dealing with specific questions
  • in Person or via Audio/Video Conference (Skype) anywhere in the world

  • Birth Chart and Predictions Birth Data

    The following data is required for any Astrological work:
    Day Month Year of birth (Formatted as DD MM YYYY)
    Time of birth (00:00 to 23:59 Preferably Formatted as 24 hours)
    For the time of birth specify the following:
    AM (MIDNIGHT 00:00 TO 11:59 AM) OR IF Exactly MIDNIGHT write "MIDNIGHT" (00 hs the beginning of the day / date)
    PM (Starting at NOON 12:00 to 23:59)IF Exactly NOON write "NOON"
    The location where you were born: Location is the city/town/village, the state/province/county, and country.

    *Without this data it is not possible to do a proper Astrological work.

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