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The 1 year Astrological Forecast with Beto Boton

The most comprehensive and detailed Astrological Forecast available.

Celebrating 40 years of professional experience, Beto Boton offers a differentiated service with regard to Personal Astrological Forecasts. This work draws on multiple astrological techniques simultaneously, coupled with years of experience in therapeutic counselling, to offer you the best possible annual planning system.

Through the Astrological Forecast for one year, you will have an extremely useful tool in planning your year ahead for personal, professional and relationship matters.

The Astrological forecast for 1 year with Beto Boton follows:
  • Rigorous standards of technical accuracy
  • Objectivity, pragmatism and realistic practicality in Astrological reading, NO "b.s.", "nonsense" or "catch phrases"
  • Ample space for discussion of alternatives and possibilities of how to deal with future events
  • Possibility of looking for more details, in the light of events when they occur (Post-consultation support)
  • Experience of thousands of predictions made in the last 40 years as a Professional Astrologer.

The Astrological Forecast for a year offers specific dates of beginning and end of future events, the dynamic aspects that are facilitators that open the doors of favourable circumstances ahead and any pressuring aspects. Clients are also alerted to the obstacles ahead. You will be offered an overview of the whole "climate" associated with the circumstances of the year ahead.

Through the Astrological Forecast for 1 Year, in a "frank and honest dialogue", we will consider the possibilities of accomplishing objectives and goals in the coming year. You can always question the best moments for actions you intend to take, as well as any alternative pathways for the success of your endeavors, or even the continuity and stability of your current actions.

Typically, people who like to have their Astrological Predictions done, do so to prepare their personal annual plan. They use it for what they are envisioning in life, or in some cases, their Yearly Astrological Forecast serves to help them make decisions about which way to go and how to move forward from a meaningless situation.

In the Astrological Forecast for 1 year, your information and plans will be considered using several Astrological Charts in order to find the "appropriate moment" for you to take action. Special dates are highlighted on the year ahead, so you do not miss important opportunities without your knowledge.

This is a comprehensive work that gives you an effective tool for improving the quality of your decisions.

All Astrological work is recorded in MP3 so you can hear it again whenever you want!

Beto Boton works on your Detailed Astrological Forecast for 1 Year live, via Skype®, FaceTime® or even via Messenger® Video Chat! Any Astrological work done via audio/video conference is also recorded simultaneously in MP3 and you can download the files to listen to them in detail soon after your consultation.

As mentioned at the beginning of this detailed explanation, this is a "comprehensive and in-depth work", far removed from the simplistic interpretations scattered over the Internet and free horoscopes whose efficacy and depth are doubtful.

Detailed Astrological Forecasts for 1 year (13 months ahead) are of great use in the planning and understanding of our moment in life.

When it comes to Astrological Forecasts, Beto Boton is the Professional Astrologer sought by Astrologers.
  • 1 Year Forecast

    LIVE (or recorded only)
  • U$ 200.00
  • Aproximately 90 minutes one on one.

    Includes MP3 recording of the session

  • Includes detailed analysis of the present moment and 1 year ahead
  • in Person or via Audio/Video Conference (Skype) anywhere in the world

  • Returning Clients within a maximum of 13 months from the previous reading, have a special 10% Discount

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  • Birth Chart and Predictions Birth Data

    The following data is required for any Astrological work:
    Day Month Year of birth (Formatted as DD MM YYYY)
    Time of birth (00:00 to 23:59 Preferably Formatted as 24 hours)
    For the time of birth specify the following:
    AM (MIDNIGHT 00:00 TO 11:59 AM) OR IF Exactly MIDNIGHT write "MIDNIGHT" (00 hs the beginning of the day / date)
    PM (Starting at NOON 12:00 to 23:59)IF Exactly NOON write "NOON"
    The location where you were born: Location is the city/town/village, the state/province/county, and country.

    *Without this data it is not possible to do a proper Astrological work.
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