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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a Psychic?
    No. All readings are based on Astrological study.
  • Do you read Tarot cards?
  • Do you participate in parties doing readings?
  • Can you do a reading for someone else for me?
    No. I do not do readings without the consent of the person.
  • What if I don't know the time I was born?
    Well, the short answer is that your birth chart will be inaccurate, BUT there are some steps that can be followed before giving up without a fight!
    1- HOSPITAL - Usually hospitals keep birth records. Some charge a fee to retrieve your birth record, and some ask for a written request.
    2- Relatives. Talk to relatives to check if they remember about your birth, being there, receiving a call etc this will be extremely helpful (see rectification)
    3- There is an Astrological work called Birth Time Rectification. It is extremely time consuming and can become quite expensive, but it is based on a "reverse prediction", meaning: Knowing a list of important events in your life (when and what happened) the Astrologer tries to find a time of birth where all the known events could have been predicted with that particular time of birth. Please understand we are talking about weeks of work not hours to rectify a time of birth. This method is not fail proof if the time is unknown for more than 12 hours. It gets more precise when the time we are looking for is in a range of 2 hours.
  • Do you teach Astrology?
    Yes, if we can have a small group interested it is possible to arrange specific courses.
  • What type of Astrology do you do?
    What I do is known as "Traditional Astrology".
    It dates back as early as the 2nd millennium BCE and it uses the tropical zodiac.
    It is not be confused with Hindu Astrology (Jyotish)
  • How long are the readings?
    The longest is 90 minutes, it is enough time for the reading, questions/answers and quick chat.
  • Are you member of any professional organisation?
    No. I was in the past, but it became just lots of money to pay and no benefits.
    Like a friend said: Too many years on the back of the ute mate...
  • How accurate are your predictions?
    The short answer is: if you believe the weather forecast is good, we can do better.
    The good part about predictive work is that it gets better progressively; the more you are able to refine it with the feedback of the client, particularly when it is done every year.
  • How accurate are the Astro-Reports?
    They are very accurate for what they are intended.
    Of course they are a simplification of a full reading with a Professional Astrologer, but at the same time they represent very good quality "personalised Astrology" and very far better than general horoscope.
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