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  • Holistic Life-Coaching with Astrology Charts and Forecasts support

    "First Steps Program"

  • US$1200.00
  • 4 x 90 minutes during a 5 week span (3 once weekly sessions and the last session a forthnight after the 3rd week)
  • via Audio/Video Conference (Skye®, FaceTime® etc)
  • NOTE: Astrology Chart is used with your consent, but Coaching it is not an Astrological reading. If you want an Astrolgical reading choose Readings from the top menu.
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    What is Holistic Coaching?

    I receive a lot of questions about what is "Holistic Coaching"?
    The answer is very simple:

    Holistic Coaching uses a comprehensive view of a person's life, harmonizing different areas of life, so that there are no dysfunctional unbalances in areas of life that are not receiving the attention, dedication and care needed.

    Many People People Ask Me: Do You do Business Coaching? And I am led to rely on my traditional objectivity and rationality to answer.
    What good is for you to have a "super professional" focus and your personal life be neglected below acceptable standards. You can not get focused on a specific area and leave the rest of your life as a whole neglected, as if it did not exist or as it was not part of you.
    This is just narrow mindedness not focus!

    Holistic Coaching arose from my Mindfulness CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) training techniques. From this approach, only a broad understanding of a person can be applied to bring the expected results as a consequence of an effective Coaching work.

    The results of a Holistic Coaching work must be observable and measurable.

    We can even say that the objectives of this work are based on 4 key structures:
    • Energy and Initiative
    • Relationships and Communication
    • Emotional and Spiritual Balance
    • Resilience, Acceptance and Realistic Focus

    Through careful observation of these principles, you may notice that there is a strong foundation from Aristotle's principles that underpin Astrology. Therefore, Beto Boton, Counsellor and Life Coach and with almost 40 years of professional experience, incorporates Astrology in his Coaching work.

    The initial work of Holistic Coaching being offered here, has the purpose of:

    • Establish a methodology so that you can achieve your goals successively, using your innate personal characteristics (without forcing you into an uncomfortable mask, which is simply not you).
    • Reassessment of values ​​and principles that are part of an assimilated baggage, be it by family influence or the constant pressures of the outside world.
    • A balance of accounts with your past, leading to the reformulation of the present and consequently of your planned future
    • Identification of solid bases where your thoughts and feelings and behaviours could be developed further, thus promoting a path to a change of life style that can be maintained and also that has a high degree of satisfaction and acceptance.
    • Identify and become fully aware of the numerous roles you have in your life and find the support and encouragement to be in control of how you play these roles and if you really want to continue playing these roles.
    • To know how to make use of external criticism, comments and judgements about yourself, so that they are motivators for your desired future and not oppressive agents in your life.

    Finally Holistic Coaching with Beto Boton aims to create a safe environment for you to grow and develop fully.

    Beto Boton uses his training and experience to help you with alternatives, pointing out realistic options in life, within a respectful relationship.

    Ask for more information through the contact page.

    US $1200.00

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