Relationship Synastry Report

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Compatibility & Relationship

Astrology Synastry Report

This Astrological Compatibility & Relationship report offers in-depth interpretation of the dynamics of the relationship between 2 adult persons,
Synastry is the system of comparing the astrological charts of two people to determine how well they will get along in the different areas of their lives.

Through the Synastry analysis we can make certain predictions about where the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship are:
  • whether it has staying power (long lasting)
  • in what ways the people involved are compatible or incompatible
  • which of the partners will take the lead in certain situations
  • and what problems these people may have to overcome in the course of their involvement with each other.

Like almost all couples, there will be areas of life where things hum along nicely with virtually no problems, and there will be other areas of life that are occasionally challenging.

Even the most idyllic match usually shows some areas of discord.
Every relationship needs some dynamic tension if the individuals involved are to grow.

A bit of challenge also brings excitement into the relationship.
Without sexual tension, for instance, you can have a lovely friendship, but it may not go beyond that.

What’s important is that the comparison in general shows compatibility.
Take a deep dive into knowing your relationship. It may reveal the stars in each other!

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In order to guarantee your order will get to me without mistakes, please read the following:

You must provide correct birth information for all the reports with your order.

About the TIME of Birth:
In most countries, the original of the Birth Certificate has the Birth Time written in it. As an alternative, a lot of people resource to obtaining their Birth Hospital Records. In many cases, people rely on family information in the form of a baby album or even from parents or someone who happened to be there when the person was born.

"Is the TIME really important?"
The simple answer to that is "YES" it is.
It will represent almost 25% of the correctness of the produced Astro-Report.
IF no TIME of Birth is known a chart is done for NOON which is half way for the date of birth, but do this at your own risk, we insist an Astrological work should be done properly and according to best practices using the Time of Birth!

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