Carlos Alberto (Beto) Boton

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Beto Boton is Carlos Alberto Boton. ( "Beto" is his nickname).
Currently living and working in Buderim, Queensland, Australia.

Beto Boton works in 3 areas:
  • Counsellor (as in Therapeutic Counselling)
  • Life Coach
  • Professional Astrologer
More than 35 years of experience.
As a Professional Astrologer, and having worked all around the world, Beto Boton specialises in two types of Astrological work as follows :
  • Personal Profiles - Natal (Birth) Charts
  • Yearly Forecasts - Combined techniques to provide an year ahead forecast.

Astrology work is done on a timed consultation, with a maximum duration of about 90 minutes, via Skype®, or eventually, in person.
it can also be done on recorded MP3 and sent to you if Skype® is not an option for you, or even in person, if you happen to be on the Sunshine Coast.

Time constrains are limiting the availability of this service at the moment.
If you are interested in having a consultation with Beto Boton; please use contact form
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Astro-Reports are an affordable, accurately calculated, beautifully crafted interpretations of several types of Astrological Charts, making it an incredible source for personal knowledge and self-awareness.
Options available from babies to adults, and from personal to relationship analysis.

Click on “Order Astrology Reports” to see detailed info on each service available.

Conveniently delivered to you via eMail !